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The Ivy League school whose super-famous dropouts Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have revolutionized our lives has launched an incubator.

The Harvard innovation lab, or i-lab, will bring together students with big ideas with the entrepreneurs, faculty, and those in the Boston area who can help get those big ideas off the ground. They are already incubating a few neat ideas:

Bon’App – helping you plan every meal with their mobile nutrition app

Tivli – reinventing television

4ward Group – helping you use your credit card in new ways

Vaiad – giving web publishers a better way to sell ads directly

EFL – creating credit scores for emerging market entrepreneurs

The i-lab wants to be more than just an incubator thought. They plan to host official university events, student-driven activities, workshops, and speakers. Their opening week details, which you can find here, provide a pretty good snapshot of what to expect in the months ahead.

Neal Doyle is leading the incubator, after spending 5 years at the Belfer Center’s Managing the Atom Project at Harvard University’s Kennedy School.

You can learn more about the i-lab here.

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