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.CO ExclusiveLinda Koritkoski is the Director of Marketing for .CO Internet.

Do you have a great idea for a clever gadget, sweet treats or unique artwork that you want to sell online? Turn whatever that genius idea is into a business! The quickest (and easiest) way to get your online store up and running is with Shopify. Making it simple to pick a template, add your products and launch your store, Shopify is now offering you much more than a platform to launch on.

Beginning today, you can enter Shopify’s Build-A-Business Competition and receive expert advice and guidance from mentors including Eric Ries (The Lean Startup), Tim Ferriss (The 4-Hour Workweek) and many more. Get a shot at winning a $50,000 investment from your mentor. That’s not all – if you’re one of the four winners you’ll be treated to a number of other big time perks. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Well, you know we love startups, so we couldn’t miss this opportunity to put new businesses on the fast track. When you join the Build-A-Business Competition, you’ll automatically receive a .CO domain for that incredible business of yours. You know what that means – you’ll have the whole .CO team rooting for you to stay at the top of Shopify’s Leaderboard.  So, get those ideas flowing and take advantage of this opportunity to create, launch and grow your startup. Oh, and don’t forget to tell us about your .CO! (We’re just a tweet away! @dotco)

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