.CO Trends & Stats: Wrapping up 2012 - GO.CO Blog

As we prepare for a joyous Holiday Season, .CO wraps up the year with some great trends and statistics.

.CO Domains Under Management

As of 30 Nov 2012, the .CO namespace has grown 24.39% from 2011 to 2012! This is a great indicator of all the startups, small businesses and individuals looking to have great web addresses on a short, memorable and SEO-friendly domain.

.CO Renewal Rate

The .CO blended renewal rate is a healthy 63% and growing. First time renewal rates are in the mid 50% range, and second time renewal rates or older are in the low to mid 70% range. (Note: Once November late renewals are accounted for, we expect the November rate to increase to the average 63%).

.CO Product Breakdown

.CO makes up almost 93% of the overall .CO product portfolio. .COM.CO comes in second with 5.78% of the namespace.

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