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Have you ever taken a step back to look at your life and been shocked at how you ever got where you are?  That happened to me today and I was amazed at what I found… how in the world did I end up working for domain names?

Let me give you a little bit of background: 15 years ago (ish…) I was in college at Syracuse University (let’s go Orange!). If you would have come up to me then and said “Linda, in 15 years you will be the Director of Marketing for a domain extension” – I would have laughed in your face. Really, I would have. No way. First of all, I didn’t even know what a domain extension was.  And second of all, I wanted to make a difference in the world – to “do something that matters”. Working for a domain extension?  I don’t think so!

What I didn’t know at the time was just how important domain names would become. I mean, let’s face it, I went to school in the late 90’s… it was the .COM “boom” and there were lots of domain names to be had! The possibilities were endless (as were the VC’s credit lines, apparently)!

But today, it’s different. Almost 1.5 decades after the .COM “bust”, we live in a world where almost all of the good .COM’s are taken, and the domain names you want most just aren’t available. Sure, you can add a dash or drop a vowel, but that’s really annoying. Until recently, your only other options would be to mortgage your home, sell your first born child, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars – or even millions – to buy the perfect .COM domain.  And that’s just plain silly.

But just imagine if the Internet was brand new again. If the perfect domain name you wanted for your business, brand or blog was simply available for the asking – and it was as easy to register as a few clicks of the mouse.  Imagine a place where innovation and opportunity thrive, and where passionate people just like you could build the future of the Internet together. The good news is, you don’t have to imagine.

With the dawn of “the .CO era”, the Internet is brand new again – and I’m damn proud to be a part of the team that is doing it right this time around.  .CO is more than just a domain name.  We like to think of ourselves as active partners in the success of all of our .CO-ers (hey, I’m a marketer, you know we make up words like that). Whatever it is you are building on .CO, we find ways to support you and to help you to succeed – or to fail fast if that’s your path to eventual success (…but that’s another blog post).  Isn’t it time you got more from your domain extension than a nagging renewal notice once a year?  We think so!

There’s no need to settle. Now you can get a domain name that comes with the support of a team that actually cares about you, and provides extra perks and benefits…for free. Just for having the domain name. Seriously. This isn’t bullshit. We’re building a thriving, exciting neighborhood on the Internet – some might say the Brooklyn of the Internet – and we want you to be a part of it.

It’s no wonder why I am so excited and proud to be the “Director of Marketing” for .CO – because we aren’t “just a domain name” – we are a community of innovators and entrepreneurs where everyone is building the future of the Internet, and we are stepping into territory that no “domain name” has ventured into ever before. And I love it.

But I need help… from you!

As lean entrepreneurs, we know that the best input you can get is direct from your customers, so please don’t be shy. Tell me all of it – the good, the bad, the ugly. Are we on the right track? Does this inspire you to build on .CO? What else can we do for you? Tweet us at @dotCO and let our team know.

Or if you want to tell me directly, you can shoot me a tweet or DM at @lkoritkoski. I’ll just be here working away at marketing a domain name… who knew?!?