Get into the Mix with Tech Cocktail! - GO.CO Blog

You’re probably familiar with our friends at Tech Cocktail, the media company and events organization for startups, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts but did you know that you can get discounted tickets to their awesome mixers? We’re offering a unique discount on tickets to these events where the hottest startups and passionate techies gather to mix and mingle in cities across the US.

From Washington DC and Chicago to San Diego and Denver, the 20% discount is yours just for being a .CO Member. All you have to do is check out the schedule of events in our Membership Program and apply for the one closest to you to receive your discount code.

Wait, but that’s not all that Tech Cocktail is up to – they’re a busy bunch. Been hearing a lot about the Las Vegas Downtown Project? Well, Tech Cocktail is right in the middle of the desert tech-hub and hosting a special retreat for female entrepreneurs and we’ve got 2 tickets to it. Co-working time, incredible speakers and unique mentorship opportunities await you and your co-founder!

Don’t miss your chance to be among the selected 25 to 30 guests to attend this special retreat. You can apply within our Membership Program. If you and your co-founder are selected, get yourselves to Vegas and we’ve got your food and lodging covered (you’ll stay in a top notch condo and have lots of tasty grub). This retreat allows you to experience the growing tech scene in downtown Vegas along with a special group of out-of-town innovators, tech entrepreneurs, investors and fellow startup founders from around the country. This 4-day event is by invitation only – but you’re invited to apply via our Membership Program. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!