3 is the Magic Number - GO.CO Blog


.CO was launched to the public three years ago this past Saturday, July 20th. To celebrate this milestone, we put together this special piece of digital art to honor the innovators, entrepreneurs, dream-chasers and risk-takers who are building the future on .CO – and to showcase the booming .COmmunity they have helped us to create.

If domain names are considered to be the real estate of the Internet, we are building .CO to be known as the coolest place to live online. The place where big ideas belong and thrive.  Although this graphic is just a small showcase of all the .CO-ers that are building that place, it will give you a good sense of all the energy and excitement that’s happening on .CO – and hopefully, inspire you to join us!

(Note: this graphic is properly viewed with this music playing in the background – we hope you enjoy the throw-back as much as we do!)


Oh, and by the way, in case you haven’t heard… at .CO, we believe that your domain should be more than just a web utility, or some letters to the right of the dot. Your domain should have your back, and help you on your journey from idea to success. If you are on a .CO and haven’t joined the (free!) Membership Program yet, now is a great time to do so! With free tickets to Startup Weekend and 500 Startups’ unSEXY event, as well as discounts to services like Moz, Google Adwords, Moo, and more… we are busy building the supporting foundation for the awesome .CO city you are building. And we welcome you to join us!