Update for Startup Weekenders - new .CO offer - GO.CO Blog

swloveHey Startup Weekend participants! As a global sponsor, our mission is to help each and every one of you get your big idea online fast during your event. To do that, we provide you access to a free .CO domain, which you can redeem at www.go.co/startupweekend.

Today, we are announcing that we added a new option for you to not only get a .CO domain, but also to get that idea up even faster with a new service – POP! Here’s a quick overview of your two options…

1.    Just a .CO
Just like before, you’ll be able to register a .CO domain for 12 months – free of charge. You provide the hosting and we’ll provide you with a plethora of short, memorable and SEO-friendly names to choose from. (Use the promo code from your organizer for this option.)

2.    .CO with Extra POP!
We know all about the 54-hour time crunch to turn that brilliant idea into an amazing reality, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer you a way to “POP it online” really quickly without messing with any DNS records. In less than a minute, you will get:

  • a .CO domain free for 15-days
  • a customizable default webpage, or the ability to easily forward to WordPress, Heroku, LaunchRock, etc.
  • Custom email using your domain, powered by Google Apps

You don’t need a credit card for either option!

We hope you enjoy the new option, and we can’t wait to see what you build on your .CO!

UPDATE: For the month of August we are offering free 20-minute demos to all SW Facilitators and Organizers of the POP.co product. In return for your feedback, we’ll give you a free 1-year account with POP ($60 value). Just email Linda to set up a time!