What’s the deal with Bitcoin? - GO.CO Blog

Is it just us, or has your tech news pipeline been flooded with daily updates about all things Bitcoin? Whether it is the Winklevoss twins attempting to IPO the first Bitcoin company or this odd phenomenon called Bitcoin Farming (check it out!), the Bitcoin buzz continues to grow.  To bring you up to speed, we’ve assembled a list of 5 resources that will ensure you are ready to jump into any conversation about Bitcoins and maybe even make your next purchase with the virtual currency.

  1. Bit Coin Defined (Video)

    If you have Googled Bitcoin, and even if you haven’t, you probably stumbled across this video. It is a great overview, from beginning to end, of Bitcoin. But the whole mining for money is not nearly explained well enough. Which is why you need to check out our #2.

  2. The PC World Bitcoin Guide:

    Get ready, things are about to get technical.  Who doesn’t love a good list? This PC World list explains a lot, including what it means to “mine” for Bitcoins.

  3. The Bloomberg of Bitcoin:

    If you are looking to satisfy your craving for Bitcoin news, and the occasional article in Tech Crunch just isn’t enough, consider CoinDesk the moist red velvet cupcake you avoid eye-contact with but eventually give in to. This ultimate resource for all things bitcoin related serves up info on the current value of Bitcoins amongst a daily crop of new articles.

  4. Reddit Users on Bitcoin:

    This list wouldn’t be complete without the subreddit for Bitcoin. If you have never been on reddit, be prepared – this site will suck you in. So if you have somewhere to be in the next hour, just skip to #5.

  5. Bitcoin Infographic:

    Honestly, we just like the infographic at the bottom of the page. It’s packed with a couple quick stats to arm you in your next Bitcoin conversation.

If after all this reading you suddenly have the urge to buy something with bitcoins, here is the link to an app you can download to buy virtual currency gift cards.  Hope this information helps you understand the Bitcoin craze that seems to be taking over the Interwebs!