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Ambitious, self-starters from all around the world are entering the 4th annual Shopify Build A Business competition for a chance to win amazing prizes and launch their “big idea.” Each year Shopify sets entrepreneurs on the fast track to creating incredible businesses with the guidance of rock-star mentors helping to push the best contestants to become even better.

Paypal, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and .CO, have partnered with Shopify to make this year’s competition one for the books. The competition is simple – only four steps:

  1. Think of something to sell.
  2. Create your Shopify Store.
  3. Grow your business
  4. Watch the leaderboard.

The Build A Business competition is active now, and runs through May 2014. And if creating a successful business isn’t rewarding enough… the winners of the competition will win $50,000 and an all expense paid trip to New York City to meet their mentor face to face. If you are considering entering the contest, you still can – and you should!

What? You’re still reading? OK, good, here’s the juicy part:

All participants can build their business on a custom .CO domain for free. If your Shopify business is on a .CO let us know by tweeting @dotCO. And don’t forget, we’ve got exclusive perks for you to take advantage of through our Membership Program. Log in and check out all the benefits of having a .CO – you might just find an offer that will help boost you to first place!

This time around marks our second year sponsoring the Build A Business competition. And after last year, we couldn’t imagine not being part of it all over again. Last year, great companies made it to first place and generated major sales in the process (check out the cool infographic below).  And to see what is in store for the 2013-2014 competition, watch this short video.

If you have ever thought about building an online store, this is your chance! Enter the competition, build your big idea on a .CO, cash in on the benefits of the .CO Membership Program, win the Build A Business competition, and become, dare we say, a legend.

To learn more about the Shopify Build A Business Competition – please visit:

Shopify’s cool infographic

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