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CO Trends & Stats

.CO Growth
.CO is excited to have achieved over 1.5 million registrations in its short three years since the global launch. Year over year, the growth is an exciting 15% since September of 2012.


Startup Growth = .CO Growth
When reviewing the World Startup Report sponsored by 500.co, we see awesome similarities in the .CO growth story compared to the startup communities visited by Bowei Gai, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. With startup communities and new registration growth in India, UK, Colombia, India and many more – it’s great to see startups and entrepreneurs around the world building their big ideas on .CO.


Little is the new BIG
With .CO, you not only get a web address that means something the world over, you don’t have to settle on a long or hyphenated name for your business. With over 80% of 4 letters and 95% of 5 letter names still available, .CO is the place to build your brand with the mobile community in mind.


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