Three Rokk3r Labs Companies to Watch in 2014 - GO.CO Blog

Just recently we stopped by the new HQ of our friends at Rokk3r Labs. In case you haven’t heard of them, Rokk3r Labs is a technology portfolio company that partners with entrepreneurs to launch their ideas into the market. Rokk3r launched their headquarters in Miami nearly two years ago and recently made a major investment into building their own team of developers in Bogotá, Colombia.

For anyone affiliated with the startup market, Miami is quickly evolving into a global tech hub. With easy access to the Latin and South American markets, Miami is perfectly situated to become the next great startup community.

While there are a lot of interesting companies throughout the Miami market, Rokk3r Labs is one of the more attractive companies and is gaining headlines for early success.

In just over 20 months, Rokk3r Labs has placed 31 tech companies into their portfolio. Three of these companies caught my attention and are paving the way for future success for Rokk3r.

Three Rokk3r Companies To Watch:

  1. Map Your Startup: One of the companies in Rokk3r Labs’ portfolio,, (a fellow .CO-er!) is a community-based company whose mission is to unite the Miami startup and tech sector. is dedicated to connecting all entrepreneurs to the resources they need to be successful while showcasing vibrant startup activity all over the US. In just a little over a year, over 300 startups have signed up! Check out their site and help build the community by mapping your startup and passing it along to other entrepreneurs!
  2. S3nse (Sense): Sense is a real-time analytics dashboard that can be customized to any data source. Sense will allow companies to measure anything from sales and social media to marketing campaigns and customer purchasing trends. As if that wasn’t cool enough, they just struck an awesome deal with McDonalds in over 20 countries in Latin and South America and are in talks with McDonalds to expand into Europe and North America.
  3. Good World Games: Good World Games is Gaming for Good. The company’s objective is to raise money for charities across the globe through their mobile apps. As in all cases of venture success, they believe it comes down to products and people. Most recently, Good World Games launched Musingo, a musical bingo application where 50% of the profits of the in-game purchases goes to the R.J.D Conservation Program. Good world games partnered with strong partners including University of Miami and the Guy Harvey Foundation.

As you can see, Rokk3r Labs has their hands full with these amazing startups – and we hope they keep Rokkin’!