.CO Takes On The Next Web in Amsterdam Along with Amazing .CO-ers - GO.CO Blog

We offered three special .CO-ers the opportunity to showcase at The Next Web Europe, a conference where the world’s influencers of technology and innovation unite to network, discuss the latest web trends and learn about best practices.

The opportunity to demo at TNW was available as an offer to all .CO Membership Program members – and 3 lucky .CO startups were selected to take advantage of a booth space in the .CO demo area at the conference! These three startups were selected to represent all of the amazing ideas being built on .CO:

  • Proved.co: A service to help validate startup ideas with potential customers, test and fine-tune marketing with survey data and get product feedback from real customers.

  • Achieved.co: An online personal development plan that allows employees discover and share the best learning activities.

  • Youngcreators.co: A community for ambitious and creative young talents to show what they’re building, ask for feedback and find team members.

These startups will have a space to shine and network with some of the most innovative companies at TNW, a conference that attracts more than 2,500 attendees from around the world. In addition to the 3 demoing startups, we provided 20 .CO-ers free tickets to attend TNW Europe via our Membership Program. If you want to get hooked up, be sure to sign up to become a member!