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Meet DJ Skee of Skee.co

A DJ, television host, radio personality, music composer, video producer and entrepreneur, DJ Skee is a major influencer in today’s entertainment industry. Skee.co is the online home of DJ Skee’s growing community – providing community members with a platform to connect with Skee and one another.

Who is DJ Skee?

Recognized as one of the most influential figures in today’s entertainment business by both Forbes & Billboard magazine, DJ Skee is redefining what it means to be a DJ today. With a thriving career as an entertainer and endless ventures under his umbrella, DJ Skee sits at the forefront of popular culture, a cultural icon and influencer of his time, both within and outside the music realm.

In raw numbers, DJ Skee has generated over one billion media impressions in under a decade, and has a network of over 500,000 social network followers, Skee can be heard daily on KIIS radio, seen performing at the biggest events across the world, heard scoring movies & video games or remixing todays biggest artists, running a record label, production company, and marketing agency as well as owning a retail store chain.

What are you trying to accomplish with your work?

Two things really.

First off is creating and providing the best content for my generation of consumers we consider the verge culture while providing it everywhere they go. We look at ourselves as the HBO of content for our market- we aren’t a content farm going to page views, but instead focus on everything we believe in. Whether that is breaking new artists like Kendrick Lamar and Lorde (I played their records first and had the first interviews with each on commercial radio), mixing the sports and entertainment worlds together with the biggest athletes and artists, or bringing music back to cable television with our top rated TV show, SKEE Live, in partnership with Mark Cuban & AXS TV. We also make our content available everywhere including not only our top rated YouTube and radio shows, but via distribution inside 7-11, nearly all fast food chains, airports, and pretty much anywhere there is a screen or speaker. We do everything on our own and don’t follow anyone else which has made us the most credible and authentic brand for our audience and why companies like Google & Nike tap us to help their brands.

Second up is empowering others. At the end of the day, I’m just a kid from Minnesota who is living the Hollywood dream. I got here by nothing other than hard work, focusing on what I truly believed in, and persistence, and now am focused on leading others down this path (as well as by having an incredible team around me we built along the years). I want to show anyone that anything is possible and there is nothing holding you back but yourself in life, and we can all do whatever we want if we truly go for it. I also want to empower the next generation to make this world a better place and to be free thinkers and innovators as we have a lot of issues we are facing, but I know with the right minds we can conquer them all.

What does innovation mean to you?

Going against the grain and following your heart and instincts. Listen and learn from others, but don’t box yourself in to what is expected or the norm. The true skill is taking from what you and others have done and mixing this with your dreams to focus on reality that has been unshaped before.

Why .CO?

Because .CO is different, cool, new, and yet familiar. It makes sense, is easy to type and remember, and has an edge. Beyond that, the team behind the scenes at .co truly have a vision no one else in the top level domain field has and have nurtured a community of free thinkers I am honored to be a part of.

What’s next for you?

Season 2 of SKEE Live is now underway and I couldn’t be more excited. Beyond this, my digital media company SKEEMATIC & SKEE.TV, I am excited about a secret project we are launching in Las Vegas this summer that is going to change the nightlife world with the biggest brand in entertainment, as well as a new radio project I think is going to change the world, and a new company we are launching focused on a new type of cell phone case called IM.BRND. It’s going to be an amazing year!

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