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The founders of Miami-based startup Katana.co have sought out to create a movement to put an end to bad customer service. In developing a cohesive, all-inclusive platform which is directly built-in to a website, they’ve made the video-chat platform an effective sales tool—and have also created a positive user experience for both customers and customer service agents. We really believe in the power of Katana, and have launched an exclusive offer for Katana to our .CO Membership Program members.

We recently caught up with Katana’s Director of Marketing, Carolina Leon, to talk about how Katana is changing the way customers interact with a company, and what’s next for the proud .COer. You can catch them at LeWeb Paris (an internationally renowned conference for digital innovation) – they scored a trip to demo at LeWeb via our Membership Program. Are you attending LeWeb next month? Get to know Katana.co before the big event!

What is Katana.co?

Katana is a live video/audio chat room that can be added directly onto a website to help increase sales and provide enhanced support to customers. It is a completely customizable customer service platform which allows customers to have a seamless customer service experience with an actual human being, not a robot. Katana’s mission is to put an end to bad customer service.

What is LiveNinja?

LiveNinja is a live video chat marketplace that provides people with direct and personalized access to service providers, or people with expertise on a particular subject.

Who is the Katana.co Team?

The Katana team is made up of a group of like-minded group of folks with extremely diverse backgrounds and experiences. Katana’s CEO, Will Weinraub, has a highly entrepreneurial background, and the entire team is very much steeped in startup culture. We all believe in each other’s talents, and have a strong mutual respect for each other.

Tell us more about Katana.co. What problem is it trying to solve? What gives it the edge?

Katana.co sought out to fill a void in the customer service marketplace, and put an end to horrible customer service.

It allows customers to communicate directly with customer service agents right on the company’s website, without having to download any plug-ins or getting redirected to another website. Katana integrates live video and audio chat, instant text messaging, scheduling capabilities, and even analytics. With the touch of a button, site users are able to speak to an agent. Katana is also completely customizable and integrates seamlessly with a site’s look and feel. It can also easily integrate with third party software such as SalesForce, Zen Desk and Google Analytics.

We even offer co-browsing and screen sharing, which allows the customer service agent to walk the customer through a process, demo a feature, or help solve a problem that the customer is having an issue with.

Another cool, very unique feature that Katana offers is emotion-based analytics, provided by IMSRV. This technology measures a customer’s satisfaction based on their facial expressions and reactions during a video call. This allows site owners to gauge how a call went and how satisfied the customer was with the chat.

Why .CO?

It was very important to our CEO Will Weinraub to be part of the emerging and very vibrant Miami technology community and startup culture. .CO has team members Miami and is very active within the Miami startup community, which is so important to us.

The .COmmunity element of .CO has been so important to us and it’s so necessary for our team to be part of a group of like-minded individuals.

What’s next for you and Katana.co?

We are constantly developing new features, such as the newly launched scheduling, which allows customers to directly schedule an appointment with the customer service agent from the platform. Katana also recently launched the emotional analytics component, powered by IMSRV. We want to continue to make our users happy!