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We love spreading the word about companies bringing their exciting ideas to life on a .CO; which is why today we are featuring a cool .COmpany called DrawAttention. DrawAttention started when in November of 2014 Kyle made a whiteboard sticker for his laptop and posted a picture of it on Facebook. The rest is history! DrawAttention has come a long way; now they sell their cool laptop whiteboards to huge companies—you know, like Google, AT&T and Microsoft. We love what DrawAttention is all about—a seemingly simple idea that resonates with the world.

DrawAttention sells whiteboards for laptops, mobile devices, and pretty much anything else you can put a whiteboard on. These whiteboards have an endless amount of uses—from startups and professionals advertising their services, to jotting down ideas and engaging a group of people, to capturing that light bulb moment.

DrawAttention is made up of two guys from Texas, Kyle Taylor and Eric Swayne, who are both heavily involved in the startup community. So, naturally, they chose .CO as their online home. Kyle and Eric wanted more than a domain name, which is why they launched on a .CO: a collaboration of and a community for startups. They wanted DrawAttention to be part of that buzzing community, and to show others the power of what startups can do.

Kyle and Eric feel that dotCO gives them a feeling of camaraderie with a worldwide band of entrepreneurs. The guys also value the perks from being a dotCO member, which give them real tools to grow their business. .CO also helped the team get to SxSW, where they were able to make connections with a ton of great connections.

Additionally, Kyle has been a Startup Weekend organizer/facilitator for the past 4 years and he shared with us that his experience with .CO has been nothing short of amazing.

The guys have lots of cool new ideas coming soon, and we’ll be excited to see what’s next for DrawAttention!

Now, get to whiteboarding!

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