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.CO is a huge supporter of countless hackathons across the country — and the globe. We couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with the biggest hackathon yet; the Koding Global Virtual Hackathon. It takes place this December 12th-13th,  and the grand prize winner will take home $100,000!

Koding is a unique, cloud-based development environment which allows developers to program in any language through their browser while collaborating effortlessly. Without jumping through hoops or spending unnecessary money, developers can work, collaborate, write and run apps and more — all in real-time. Its robust and feature-rich cloud-based development environment includes virtual machines (VMs), an attractive IDE and sudo level terminal access. Its community of developers is 1 million+ strong.



The Global Virtual Hackathon is intended to connect developers across the globe and allow them to code together — regardless of their location.

The 2014 Koding Hackathon was a huge success and boasts some impressive numbers:

  • 60,000+  participants from XX countries
  • 19, 500+  teams
  • 35,000+  in prizes
  • 1 million+ lines of code written
  • And an infinite amount of caffeine consumed

This year’s hackathon themes are:

  • Data Visualizations (Geographic, Financial, HealthCare, Government, etc.)
  • Productivity (Enterprise, Personal, Team, Community, etc.)
  • Games (Educational, HTML5, etc. )

The task of hackers will be to use publicly available resources (APIs, data sets, graphics, etc.) and their own imaginations to create something amazing.

.CO is thrilled to support this amazing event. This year we will be actively involved in the Koding Global Virtual Hackathon by providing 1-year free .CO domains for participants to build on.

.CO is the domain choice for innovators and risk-takers—the domain darling of successful startups around the world. A free domain and the added bonus of joining the ranks of such a cutting-edge .COmmunity: why would you want to build on anything else?

We can’t wait to see what you build.

What are you waiting for? Apply for the hackathon now, get your very own .CO domain, and start coding.


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