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While becoming a mother is a role many women relish, figuring out how to handle being a mom along with other pursuits can be really challenging. Heymama was born out of the idea that while the juggle to balance motherhood and a career is real, it doesn’t need to be navigated alone. The website is aimed at the modern mama who wants content geared towards her lifestyle.

That means style and wellness articles go hand-in-hand with business advice, parenting tips, and interviews with powerful female leaders. And for those mamas who want some extra inspiration, the site offers a members-only component that includes access to a directory, events, perks for business and personal growth, and the opportunity to meet similar-minded women.

The approach is resonating with women. Currently, Heymama reaches about 86,000 followers on Instagram and has facilitated more than 2,000 connections between women at “in real life” events. As you browse through the beautifully designed site, it’s hard to imagine that the concept wasn’t always so fully fleshed.

But as co-founder and CEO Katya Libin explains, it took the business two years and a few pivots to find their groove. Luckily, there was support at each turn when other women entrepreneurs stepped in as mentors, including Katia Beauchamp, the CEO of Birchbox and Alli Webb, co-founder of DryBar.

Building a business from scratch is hard work and it can be daunting. For Katya, the toughest moments were “when the to-do list is massive and you don’t know where to start, as well as when something comes across your lap that is not in your comfort zone.” Luckily, when you know what you’re working to achieve, it’s a bit easier, said Katya.

“My inspiration today and always is our mission and how we help women feel less alone and more connected. When I get these challenges, I definitely lean on the tribe to ask for help, and take it one big task at a time.”

Katya’s go-to “kick butt” song: “Girls” by Beyonce — all day! 

What Katya wishes someone had told her when she was getting started as an entrepreneur?

Everyone is winging it in the beginning, and you won’t work less than a corporate job, but you’ll love every minute of it way more.

What she’d tell a younger version of herself?

Don’t grow up so fast and save your vintage Calvin Klein t-shirts.

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