Meet Icon and Innovator Yijia Chen

Who is Yijia?


答:大家好,我是陈一佳,是路透社北美地区唯一华人财经女主播、三橙传媒的创始人兼CEO。三橙传媒制作推出了一系列精品节目,包括《创业美国》、《一佳时间》、《一佳之言》、《美帝豪宅圈》 等视频节目。目前我们第五季的《创业美国》正在热播中。

A: I am Yijia Chen, a bilingual financial TV reporter with Reuters. I am also the founder and CEO of OX3 Production Corp. OX3 Productions Corp is a creativity-driven New York City-based media production company. We have created many interesting shows, such as Startups Made in the USA and Yijia’s Time. The 5th season of Startups Made in the USA, which is the first overseas talk show broadcasted in China that focuses on overseas entrepreneurs’ stories, is on the air now.

What inspired or motivated you to start your business venture?



The world is changing, and changing fast. There are more things you can do, and bigger ideas to dream. I want to be on the same page with this changing world, rather than the one that is left behind. Consequently, I would rather to take the initiative rather than await opportunities from others. I have been working in the media industry for many years and have accumulated a great deal of experience. I think I need a bigger stage to show or achieve my dream. It is such a fantastic era that content-oriented businesses capture attention and potential because of the revolution of media platforms. It is a perfect timing for me to pursue my dream, so I started my own business!

Why .CO?

为什么选择成为.CO 创业大使?成为创业大使对于你来说意味着?


A: We find .CO a very interesting domain name because of its “startup/entrepreneurial” personality and temperament. .CO is short, memorable, and easy to spread. In my show, Startups Made in the USA, I have interviewed many successful startups, and, which is an early .CO user, is one of them. The .CO startup community and temperament is aligned with what I am doing.

What are you most proud of in your startup journey?



A: I have a few “most proud” moments. I am not only proud of myself but also of my team. One moment is the time we first launched our show Startups Made in the USA. In the episode we interviewed Andrew Ng and received hundreds of thousands clicks within three days. Remember, the show we made was not an entertainment-based show! I am so proud of my team and the show we made together! I was also proud of myself when my book was published. It was like a baby that I gave birth to. Another proud moment is when I realized that our shows received more than one hundred million clicks in total, which means we have gained a big group of fans. It is such a great payback of my hard work.

What was your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome it? What was the lesson learned?



A: I think the most difficult thing for me is that I have to make myself go from a producer or journalist to a leader – a leader to lead my team to go forward. My role changes often and I have to have a clear vision to empower my team to make that vision a reality. I am very customer-oriented now. I am keeping asking myself and my team what is exactly we can offer to our audience. I used to think or focus on one thing or one perspective, but now I know I need to put myself in others’ shoes and think it through completely. My takeaway is to jump out of your comfort zone and explore more perspectives.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about starting their own business?



A: First, I think you need to understand your customer. Play to your strengths and work on something valuable to make others’ lives better. You also need to be confident. You will meet many challenges and questions every single day on your startup journey. It is very important to stay in a good and healthy mindset. 

Did you face any unique challenges as a woman starting a business or leading a team?


答:创业中,其实我没有特别感觉到性别对我带来的大的影响。 对我来说最大的困惑就是怎么去了解男性观众的需求,特别因为我们节目大部分的受众是男性,所以我觉得这是比较有挑战的方面。

A: The biggest confusion for me is how to understand the needs of a male audience. Males comprise the majority audience of our shows, so it is a challenge for me.