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Toonz Animation is the brain child of the late GA Menon. Launched based on the knowledge and belief Menon had in the untapped creative talent India had to offer. Today, P. Jayakumar helms the ship as CEO of Toonz Media Group (toonz.co). Since its launch in 1999, the company has landed global recognition for its animation work, emerging as the leader in the Indian animation industry, and heralded by Animation Magazine as ‘one of the top ten studios to watch.’

Where it all began
p. jayakumarIt was the U.S.-based entrepreneur and extraordinary visionary, late GA Menon who pooled the resources to make Toonz a one-stop destination for creative creation and execution. Jayakumar believes that it was Menon’s initial instinct to spot and nurture great talent that set the foundation for Toonz.
 “We constantly strive to outdo ourselves by being innovative in our approach and teaming up with the best.” – P. Jayakumar

Born at a time when creative talents were not looked at favourably, Toonz was able to change the ecosystem by focusing on artistic quality and accessible creativity.  Creative talents were mentored by expatriates and other stalwarts of the industry.
Quality artists churned out by Toonz became highly sought after talent and the accolades Toonz received drove us to give back to the community in the form of state-of-the-art training combined with hands-on production experience. – P. Jayakumar
This approach supported training needs to fill the high demand for talent in the creative animation field, and also re-invest in the animation industry as a whole, allowing Toonz to build a reputation across multiple groups and industries.
Lessons in the Journey
It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the Toonz team, but Jayakumar believes that with perseverance, focus and passion, their team can overcome any roadblocks in their path.
“Getting team members with the same mind-set, who are passionately driven, and goal-oriented, regardless of shifting variables and perils, isn’t something that happens every day. I was blessed with the right team players. Bettering your arsenal and honing your strategy are key factors for achievement.”
A domain to dominate
Although Toonz initially ventured into functioning as a service provider for top production houses like Walt Disney, Marvel Studios, and Cartoon Network; Toonz looked to expand its wheelhouse taking sure-footed strides in various genres like live-action, original intellectual properties, and gaming. With a need to bring its enterprises under one large parent company, Toonz consolidated its divisions to a single media house under a singular website – they chose a .CO domain.
“Various branches had to be streamlined into one cohesive unit to keep a seamless connection in this ever expanding front; we switched over to .CO as we grouped under one umbrella of the Toonz Media Group.”

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