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Meet Naina Redhu (, a luxury and lifestyle professional photographer and blogger. For the past 14 years, Naina has run her blog on as a solo venture to showcase her photography portfolio and discuss photography industry and blogging trends. She has recently expanded her presence, venturing into podcasts, stage events and even painting.

Journey as a solo entrepreneur
Naina started her brand before the boom of online influencers but recognized the importance of branding from the start. By documenting her work on her blog, she was able to sell her art and reach out to newer audiences. She has continued to work hard to make sure she’s remains relevant on the scene.
I’m proud of the fact that I’m still around. That I continue to push the boundaries of what an entrepreneur is expected to do. Especially in a market like India, I’ve not only worked with local organizations but also international ones, since the beginning of my career. – Naina Redhu
Naina’s entrepreneurial journey was one of constant learning, specifically from her followers and people across the internet. She candidly claims that one of her biggest obstacles was keeping her enthusiasm up and energy high. Maintaining professionalism in a market like India was a struggle too, but she worked constantly to reinvent herself and her business and not to be cynical. - PhotosUp the ladder of success
Naina credits her love of colour and visuals as a primary motivator and driver for her photography passion. She tries to push boundaries both for herself and for her audience. For Naina, inner peace is the ultimate goal. Continuing to connect the dots to discover what makes her happy helps her balance professional and personal life.
Self-awareness helps but it’s no use being self-aware if one doesn’t implement that awareness into change & action. I’ve been lucky with my family being supportive & pushing me to think differently.
Tips for entrepreneurs
Naina is of the opinion that running a business is not for everyone. But for those that venture down the entrepreneurial path it is important to keep an open mind and be flexible in your approach to business.
“Just because a defined formula exists, of what “running a business” means, doesn’t mean that’s what you HAVE to do. Make your own way. Being an entrepreneur is experimentation, trial & error, recalibrating every step of the way. If you’re nimble & open to change, you’re more likely to do well.”
Being your own boss is freeing, rewarding and sometimes painful. But, it’s a journey well worth the pain. collage
The domain for the daring
As multi-skilled entrepreneur, Naina was looking for a way to introduce herself to people in a memorable way. She stumbled on Naina & Company, i.e. and the rest is history.
“I felt that “Naina” would have better recall. So I looked for domains that were viable. I thought it would be nice to introduce myself to people as, “Naina & Company, i.e.”, much easier to remember.”
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