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Come on, it’s time to make a confession. 

When was the last time you got into a panic over a pressing deadline, and wished like hell you had another pair of hands to help out? 

Well, you’re not alone, particularly if you are one of the growing number of entrepreneurs desperately trying to make your mark. One of those who noticed the opportunity was Chloe Bright and she owned a very experienced pair of hands to get someone else’s show on the road. 

Chloe set herself up as a Virtual Assistant in 2019 and to date her helping hand business service is going gang busters. Chloe’s business website is and Chloe loves a challenge, particularly if the challenge entails developing business strategy, administration, marketing and corporate events that often happen to be nightmares to many business folk who are willingly prepared to hand the tasks over to Chloe’s capable hands. And if the task is out of her knowledge bank Chloe has a book full of experts to call upon. 

Chloe is happy to see the market for Virtual Assistant (VA) expand, and even offers some suggestions to get other entrepreneurs up and operative. ‘Becoming a VA can be really accessible to a lot of people starting out and there’s a lot less risk involved’. 

One of Chloe’s favorite quotes is that age old cliché ‘The world is my oyster’, and how true, as her business charges by the project, be that ongoing over months, or an event that has a fast turnover in work hours. Scale of economy saves money and there’s no Superannuation to pay, and no holiday pay. How good is that, to meet budget? 

With the evolution and growth of online business Chloe believes this has encouraged more women, especially younger women, to give business a go.” With online businesses Chloe believes that we’re going to keep seeing more and more women start businesses online as it provides a lot more flexibility than being employed 9-5. 

Another of Chloe’s tips is ‘focus on having fun’ but at all stages be professional. One way she demonstrates her professionalism is the reason behind her selection of her domain name – Chloebright.CO ‘Dot CO instantly attracted me as being innovative and fresh and that is important to my branding’ said Chloe. ‘I wanted my website to represent someone who is trustworthy and innovative and can offer the added pair of hands to get my client’s business up and operative’. 

‘My Dot CO domain name helps brand my business to the corporate sector’. 

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