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.COmmunity Stories: Tech Flow


TechFlow team1It’s well known that .CO is where big ideas belong on the web, and when it comes to truly aspirational thinking, they don’t come more inspiring than the concept behind TechFlow.co.

In a media landscape of consolidation and cutbacks, TechFlow.co is breaking the mould as a new, independent technology and gadget review website providing insights, commentary and news on tech from around the world.

But what really sets TechFlow.co apart from the competition is the fact that it’s entirely founded and staffed by students from an Australian High School.

The pint-sized entrepreneurs at TechFlow.co – who have an average age of only 15 years-old – launched earlier this year and have already achieved great success.

“The response to TechFlow.co has been overall very positive,” said co-founder and CEO Dunija Ariyaratne. “We receive views from all over the world, concentrated in Australia and the United States. We launched in July and pushed out a major design overhaul in November. Since then, we have almost doubled our readership, reaching well over 20,000 views in less than three months.”

“We chose a .CO domain name mainly because of how simple it was to remember. Since the .CO domain is still growing in popularity, there was also a very large market for the .CO domains. All the .com domains were taken, but we realised that if we wanted to start our own original, individual idea, then we would need to set ourselves apart from the rest.”

Mr Ariyaratne said the best thing about using the .CO domain name is how it aligns with their values and vision.

“The .CO domain helps us in many ways, ranging from making it simpler for users to remember, but also to make our promotional material much more premium. Our graphic designers have spent a lot of time trying to make sure that the graphics are in-line with our company name, and we don’t think that they would’ve been able to do that without the help of the .CO domain.”

It’s clear that the team at TechFlow.co have big futures ahead of them. The ‘go get ‘em’ attitude shown by these young innovators epitomizes the values and spirit of all the entrepreneurs in the .CO community.




.COmmunity Stories: The Cribb


TheCribb.co TW (1)Here at .CO, we love telling the world about .COers we believe in. Today, we’re happy to feature a cool Dubai-based.COer—The Cribb.

The Cribb brings co-working to the next level, by offering more than just spaces.

Starting out on a small scale as a workspace as two global seed accelerators—Turn8 and i360accelorator—word soon spread about The Cribb. Soon, it gained its reputation as the ideal place for startups to work,collaborate,create, and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors.

With The Cribb, startups get more than just a workspace. Space for team members to host private meetings is available, as well as space for hosting branded meetups and workshops. Perks include an onsite café and training sessions and meetups for entrepreneurs.

A bonus to working at The Cribb is the access it provides to a startup ecosystem including a network of service providers, mentors, local business leaders and global investors. The Cribb combines the benefits of seed funding, mentorship, events, and co-working. It has also become a social hub for like-minded folks to develop their fresh new business idea.

Find out more about The Cribb and the waves it’s making in the Dubai startup community.

.COmmunity Stories: DrawAttention.co


Drawattention.co TW

We love spreading the word about companies bringing their exciting ideas to life on a .CO; which is why today we are featuring a cool .COmpany called DrawAttention. DrawAttention started when in November of 2014 Kyle made a whiteboard sticker for his laptop and posted a picture of it on Facebook. The rest is history! DrawAttention has come a long way; now they sell their cool laptop whiteboards to huge companies—you know, like Google, AT&T and Microsoft. We love what DrawAttention is all about—a seemingly simple idea that resonates with the world.

DrawAttention sells whiteboards for laptops, mobile devices, and pretty much anything else you can put a whiteboard on. These whiteboards have an endless amount of uses—from startups and professionals advertising their services, to jotting down ideas and engaging a group of people, to capturing that light bulb moment.

DrawAttention is made up of two guys from Texas, Kyle Taylor and Eric Swayne, who are both heavily involved in the startup community. So, naturally, they chose .CO as their online home. Kyle and Eric wanted more than a domain name, which is why they launched on a .CO: a collaboration of and a community for startups. They wanted DrawAttention to be part of that buzzing community, and to show others the power of what startups can do.

Kyle and Eric feel that dotCO gives them a feeling of camaraderie with a worldwide band of entrepreneurs. The guys also value the perks from being a dotCO member, which give them real tools to grow their business. .CO also helped the team get to SxSW, where they were able to make connections with a ton of great connections.

Additionally, Kyle has been a Startup Weekend organizer/facilitator for the past 4 years and he shared with us that his experience with .CO has been nothing short of amazing.

The guys have lots of cool new ideas coming soon, and we’ll be excited to see what’s next for DrawAttention!

Now, get to whiteboarding!

.COmmunity Stories: LoopLab.co


COmmunity Stories_LoopLab.co.CO loves startups, and is actively involved in several startup events every year. One of the biggest events we love to be a part of is the Global Startup Battle. In 2014, the winner in The Innovators Track we sponsored was .CO-er, Loop Vent. One of the awesome prizes Loop won was tickets to demo at LAUNCH festival. In March, .CO was also a proud partner to the LAUNCH festival, hosted by the San Francisco LAUNCH incubator. LAUNCH’s mission revolves around supporting entrepreneurs and inspiring innovation. We recently caught up with the lucky winners to tell us more about their journey! Read More >

.COmmunity Stories: Popcord.co



Popcord is an elegant and customizable key ring charger that will keep you from ever running out of battery again. You’ll always have Popcord handy to simply plug into a USB to top up your battery. We caught up with Frank Milani and Matt Sandrini of Popcord.co to get to know them better before we head to LeWeb Paris (an internationally renowned conference for digital innovation) with their team. Popcord.co applied for a trip to demo at LeWeb via our Membership Program and were selected for this super exclusive offer. If you’ll be at LeWeb, stop by the .CO booth and check out Popcord! Read More >