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.COmmunity Stories: The Cribb


TheCribb.co TW (1)Here at .CO, we love telling the world about .COers we believe in. Today, we’re happy to feature a cool Dubai-based.COer—The Cribb.

The Cribb brings co-working to the next level, by offering more than just spaces.

Starting out on a small scale as a workspace as two global seed accelerators—Turn8 and i360accelorator—word soon spread about The Cribb. Soon, it gained its reputation as the ideal place for startups to work,collaborate,create, and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors.

With The Cribb, startups get more than just a workspace. Space for team members to host private meetings is available, as well as space for hosting branded meetups and workshops. Perks include an onsite café and training sessions and meetups for entrepreneurs.

A bonus to working at The Cribb is the access it provides to a startup ecosystem including a network of service providers, mentors, local business leaders and global investors. The Cribb combines the benefits of seed funding, mentorship, events, and co-working. It has also become a social hub for like-minded folks to develop their fresh new business idea.

Find out more about The Cribb and the waves it’s making in the Dubai startup community.

Design the future of the Internet


At our office, we come to work every day to support the innovators, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and DO-ers that are building the future of the internet in the .CO online neighborhood. No one day is like another, and no rulebooks have been written for what we are doing — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s just one problem. There aren’t enough of of us. Specifically, we need to add an amazing UX designer and front-end developer to help our team bring the many ideas to life that will help us to change the internet — one URL at a time. You’ll be working on projects such as www.go.co, www.pop.co, and more that are in development — and that you’ll help us concept.

If this sounds like something that interests you, you can find more information — and specific job descriptions — here.

Yes, these openings do require you to live in Miami, but there are fates worse than that in life! Relocation will be considered for exceptional candidates.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Join us in welCOming Parker Barnett!


We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our team. Please meet Parker Barnett, our Channel Programs Manager who will be assisting the channel team with overall channel marketing and sales growth for the company. Make no mistake, Parker isn’t a newbie to .CO – he interned with us while he finished pursuing his Bachelors degree from the University of Miami! Prior to officially joining our team full-time, Parker lived the #startuplife at the Startup Institute Boston where he took part in the Technical Marketing Track learning the basics of growth hacking, all things SEO, css and more. When Parker isn’t working or putting his newly acquired growth hacking skills to the test you can find him watching Game of Thrones or reading the latest must-read for startups. Please join us in giving Parker a warm welcome to the .COmmunity!

Let’s Give a Warm Welcome to Jasmine Begg, our Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA


I’m thrilled to welcome Jasmine Begg to our global team as our Director of Sales and Marketing, EMEA. With more than four years of experience at the leading domain name registrar InterNetX GmbH where she served as Team Leader of International Business, Jasmine was responsible for company presence at and sponsorship of international trade conferences, marketing budget compilation and event management. Jasmine previously worked at IBM as a Networking Sales Specialist handling the sales of networking services and hardware for Germany.

I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to work with Jasmine to help position .CO as a leading online brand and the domain name of choice for startups, small businesses and new and established brands in the European market. It’s fantastic that Jasmine speaks more than four languages including German, Bengali, Spanish and English — because it will undoubtedly help in spreading the .CO message worldwide!

Jasmine combines her recent experience in international expansion with her past experience in a number of areas including sales and international market analysis. She is a graduate of the University of Passau (Germany) with a Master’s Degree in International Cultural and Business Studies. Jasmine loves traveling — which is a great thing considering she’ll be visiting our partners and new startups all over Europe! And in case you were wondering, her favorite colors are black and red but she’s recently admitted orange is quickly making its way to the top spot.

Welcome, Jasmine!

Jasmine Begg