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2013: Highlights & Connections


2013 Year in Review header

As 2013 closes and we prepare for an awesome, crazy and trend setting 2014, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2013 with a rundown of .CO‘s highpoints. From launch, our team set out with the lofty goal of changing the fabric of the Internet. As we head into 2014, all indicators point to a path that continues to build a great community of entrepreneurs, businesses and brands that will be doing just that in the 2014.

For any that have met our team, you may have heard us describe our strategy as having three pillars – Awareness, Growth and Use. I’m excited to share highlights from each pillar and we’re looking forward to expanding efforts this year.

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.CO Trends & Stats: Wrapping up 2012


As we prepare for a joyous Holiday Season, .CO wraps up the year with some great trends and statistics.

.CO Domains Under Management

As of 30 Nov 2012, the .CO namespace has grown 24.39% from 2011 to 2012! This is a great indicator of all the startups, small businesses and individuals looking to have great web addresses on a short, memorable and SEO-friendly domain.

.CO Renewal Rate

The .CO blended renewal rate is a healthy 63% and growing. First time renewal rates are in the mid 50% range, and second time renewal rates or older are in the low to mid 70% range. (Note: Once November late renewals are accounted for, we expect the November rate to increase to the average 63%).

.CO Product Breakdown

.CO makes up almost 93% of the overall .CO product portfolio. .COM.CO comes in second with 5.78% of the namespace.