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How to Beat Entrepreneurial Burnout Before It Strikes


 How to Beat Entrepreneurial Burnout Before It Strikes

“Running a start-up is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss. After a while, you stop staring, but the glass chewing never ends.” – Elon Musk

When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s always more to do and never enough time to do it. While some days it may feel like pursuing your vision gives you unlimited energy, wearing multiple hats, not creating a strong work/life balance, and dealing with high levels of stress can eventually take their toll. Before you realize it, you’re burnt out and not performing at your best. Read More >

These 12 Quotes from Successful Women Will Inspire You


Entrepreneur Quotes

Although inequality still exists, women have come a long way in society and the business world. Above all, that progress has proved one thing: women won’t stop until we reach the top.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to pay attention to what female entrepreneurs have to say. After all, they have more obstacles to overcome than men in today’s market — and yet they’ve still made their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Read More >

Women and Men Have Different Leadership Styles — and Both are Good for Business



Women and Men Have Different Leadership Styles — and Both are Good for Business

Successful leaders share a lot of common traits. They’re typically intelligent, ambitious, persistent, and organized, to name just a few. And while men and women can both have these attributes, when it comes to being effective leaders, there are many ways the two genders differ. It may sound controversial, but there are major differences between male and female leaders. And surprisingly, those differences are great for business. Read More >

18 Apps for Entrepreneurs You’ll Love in 2018



Startup entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to work smarter and grow faster. However, small teams and limited budgets mean they can only do so much. That’s why it makes sense to rely on innovative business applications to pick up the slack wherever possible. After all, if other companies have figured out how to organize your business, streamline your processes, and boost your productivity, why not use their know-how to save time and money? Read More >