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Everything you need to know about SnapChat

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How to Use Snapchat for Your Business

As social media has evolved over the last decade, it has become an indispensible part of many smart companies’ marketing mix. From the early days of MySpace to Facebook domination to the Twitter explosion, social media as a medium continues to grow and change at lightning speed, and as a result, companies have to keep up.

One of the latest trends in social media is video. Different than YouTube, the trend is now real-time; Snapchat, Meerkat and Periscope are all examples of this category. One of the most popular out of the group is Snapchat, which is a video and photo sharing app whose premise is that these vids and pics’ lives are fleeting; now you see them, then you don’t.  It’s also an app which is also all about conversation, as opposed to sites http://essayonlinewriter.com and apps like YouTube.

The environment on Snapchat is a casual one, with users posting pics of dinners, vacations, nights out. The primary demographic consists of users between 13 and 23 years of age, however, the 40 and up user base is growing as well.

Snapchat is growing in popularity by the day—it is estimated that users are now sending 700 million photos and videos per day, and, the company’s worth is now estimated to be as high as $19 billion. With such statistics, companies are exploring how they can build a presence on Snapchat. However, the fact that the types of content shared on Snapchat—such as music videos and political news–are evolving daily also makes it full of opportunities.

Snapchat for Businesses

Early adopters of Snapchat marketing include Taco Bell, yogurt chain 16 Handles, GrubHub and Acura. Companies like GrubHub and 16 Handles post exclusive coupons and offers, while Acura introduced new car prototypes first to Snapchat users.

Time-sensitive content can initially seem like a hindrance and challenge for online brand marketing, but it can actually be used to a company’s advantage. How? By creating buzz.

If you’re beginning to explore how to use Snapchat for your business, read on for a few tips to get you started.


Ways to Use Snapchat

Although companies are getting creative with how they use Snapchat, there are a few core methods being used.