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Hack Your Week: 7 Time Management Tips for Optimal Productivity


Hack Your Week: 7 Time Management Tips for Optimal Productivity

Everyone has 24 hours available in a day. However, some people just get more done. What’s the secret? Organizing time into a productive daily schedule. In other words, it’s important to get good at time management. Having a clear plan for your day ensures you can find time to accomplish both short-term projects and long-term goals.

If you’ve been feeling like you just don’t have enough hours in the day, here are seven tips for organizing your day more effectively. With them, you’ll be able to find time for those back-burner goals that you always intend to work towards (but never actually get to).

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We’ve Got You .COvered


Data protection and security are hot topics these days. Quite understandably, people want to know whether and to what extent their personal data is being collected, used and shared. As a global domain Registry with over two million domain names under management, it is our responsibility and top priority to safeguard the personal data of our domain registrants.

Currently, when you register a .CO domain name, your Domain Name Provider collects certain information, including your name, address, contact information, and the IP address of the servers on which your domain name is hosted. As a Registry Operator, we collect this information from providers, and make it publically available online in the WHOIS database. We use this information to comply with legal regulations, enforce policies and respond to abuse complaints, among other things.

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By the Numbers: 2 Million .CO Domains Under Management


Last week, we were thrilled to announce that there are now 2 million .CO domains under management. The .COmmunity has grown by over 7000% in just five short years! From buzzworthy startups to prominent brands, millions of innovators around the world have joined the global .COmmunity. Check out the infographic below for a summary of the .CO journey. InfographicCO-2millDUM-v4[5]

2 Million Strong: .CO Hits 2 Million Domains!



2015 was an amazing year for .CO and our .COmmunity—and fresh on the heels of our 5th birthday in July, we have even more reason to celebrate!

We’re thrilled to announce that .CO has surpassed the milestone of 2 million total domain names under management. Even more exciting, new domain registration growth has surged from 10 percent in 2014 to 18 percent in 2015!

Since we launched five years ago, .CO has become the domain name of choice for innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses in more than 200 countries around the world.

Innovative big brands like Twitter ( and, Google ( and and Taco Bell ( have all helped to bring mainstream awareness and adoption to .CO. Additionally, up and coming, buzz-worthy brands such as Meerkat (—the breakthrough social platform of 2015— and CommonBond (—the breakthrough student loan company—have helped draw attention to .CO.

We love to brag about the hundreds of thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs and startups that continue to make .CO their digital home. Check out some of our favorites here.

With over 3 billion Internet users around the world, and increasing demand for short, memorable, domain names, we are excited to watch .CO continue to grow—one big idea at a time!

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CoderDojo NOVA’s Hour of Code



It’s never too early to learn how to code! That’s the premise behind the CoderDojo Northern Virginia (NOVA), part of the global network of free computer programming clubs for young people. CoderDojo provides an informal, creative, self-led and collaborative environment led by a community of volunteer mentors.

At clubs around the world, young people between the ages of 7 and 17 learn how to code and develop websites, apps, games and more.

The weekend of December 12th, CoderDojo NOVA held its global Hour of Code event. Dojos—the independent CoderDojo clubs around the world—in over 180 countries participated in Hour of Code.

The popular event is a one-hour introduction to computer science that breaks down the basics of programming. Hour of Code shows participants that anyone can learn to code. Unique, kid-centric resources to help participants prepare for the event included coding tutorials based on Star Wars and Disney’s Frozen.

As passionate advocates of innovation and emerging technologies, Neustar and .CO were thrilled to support CoderDojo NOVA’s Hour of Code event in several different ways. .CO domains were made available to participants to allow them to bring their big ideas to life. .CO swag was also a big hit at Hour of Code—Neustar’s registry team sent its iconic .CO orange bandanas, stickers and flying pigs to participants.

Neustar and .CO are proud supporters of CoderDojo NOVA and Hour of Code. We’re thrilled to see these budding ninjas #dotCoding the future!  To learn more about CoderDojo NOVA please visit