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.CO’s Icons & Innovators: Brad Li


Who is Brad Li?

I am Brad Li. I currently own two startups in New York City, Dragon Noodle & Grill, a DUNHUANG Group restaurant, and Li & Associates Architectural Design Studio. My major was Architecture, and I started my own business right after graduation. After that, I joined the DUNHUANG Group and opened a Lanzhou beef noodles restaurant, Dragon Noodle & Grill, in New York City.

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.CO’s Icons and Innovators: Jennifer Yang


Who is Jennifer Yang?

My name is Jennifer Yang, and I am a serial entrepreneur. I am the founder of Co.media and Grit Founder. Co.media serves Chinese companies seeking to enter the overseas market and American companies trying to reach the Chinese market by providing a one-stop service including marketing research, brand localization, media exposure, promotion channel establishment and sales channels establishment. Grit Founder is a platform bringing together cross-border entrepreneurs in China and the United States through online and offline events. Before starting my own businesses, I had been working in cross-border marketing for six years. I once developed and executed the marketing plans targeting China market for iRobot, Rethink Robotics and many other high-tech companies. We have team members from both China and the United States, who have worked for 4A advertising companies, Big Four consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies and domestic listed international brands. Read More >

.CO’s Icons and Innovators: Yijia Chen



.CO’s Icons and Innovators: Yijia Chen 陈一佳

Who is Yijia?


答:大家好,我是陈一佳,是路透社北美地区唯一华人财经女主播、三橙传媒的创始人兼CEO。三橙传媒制作推出了一系列精品节目,包括《创业美国》、《一佳时间》、《一佳之言》、《美帝豪宅圈》 等视频节目。目前我们第五季的《创业美国》正在热播中。

A: I am Yijia Chen, a bilingual financial TV reporter with Reuters. I am also the founder and CEO of OX3 Production Corp. OX3 Productions Corp is a creativity-driven New York City-based media production company. We have created many interesting shows, such as Startups Made in the USA and Yijia’s Time. The 5th season of Startups Made in the USA, which is the first overseas talk show broadcasted in China that focuses on overseas entrepreneurs’ stories, is on the air now. Read More >

Be .COurageous with Heymama’s Katya Libin


While becoming a mother is a role many women relish, figuring out how to handle being a mom along with other pursuits can be really challenging. Heymama was born out of the idea that while the juggle to balance motherhood and a career is real, it doesn’t need to be navigated alone. The website is aimed at the modern mama who wants content geared towards her lifestyle.

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Be .COurageous with Springboard’s Amy Millman


Springboard’s Amy Millman

Leveling the playing field for women, by women 

One of the biggest obstacles for women entrepreneurs is securing funding, as women-founded businesses tend to start with less capital and receive less funding. But Springboard Enterprises is changing that. Conceived in 1999 and launched in 2000, Springboard is dedicated to levelling the playing field and advancing women entrepreneurs’ access to capital.

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