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You had a great idea. You took the leap and launched your startup. But wait, did you check if the domain name for your startup is available?

In the era of digital, if you aren’t online, you aren’t on the map. You’ve already got the fabulous name for your business, but it also needs to reflect accurately online. Getting the right domain is key to helping people discover your business.

Running a quick check on generic top-level domain names is a good way to get your digital journey off the ground. And if your startup happens to have a common name, the chances of finding a domain that’s not already taken can be quite difficult. You may also chance upon cybersquatters that try to sell in-demand domain names.

People with common names understand the difficulty of the ‘username apocalypse’ or how hard it is to find the username you want. The struggle is real with domains too!

Faced with this barrier, potential users often become frustrated at the non-availability of the domain that they wanted. Most people tend to prefer common TLDs for their startups. But if your idea is to innovate and disrupt your market, your choice of domain should reflect that as well.

Choosing a different domain name will not affect your SEO rankings, which is also a concern for many potential users. Google and other search engines treat all new domain extensions in the same manner. It is your content and quality that affect your ranking overall.

When it comes to your new business, why settle for anything less than the name you want? On .CO you will find the domain that you’re looking for to help boost your relevancy. Stick with the legacy domain extensions if you’re okay with blending in to the crowd. For everyone looking to breaking out of the box, there’s .CO – fresh, crisp and social.

Why choose a .CO domain?

  1. It’s short
    Good things come in small packages which is why we believe that a short and sweet domain sells your ideas better.
  1. It’s memorable
    Your unique venture deserves an equally different domain. With a .CO, you can rest assured that people will remember your domain.
  1. It’s available
    Now’s not the time to compromise. Get the domain name you really want with more names to choose from.
  1. It’s global
    You might be a small one person team today, but what are your dreams for tomorrow? When you decide to take your idea to a global audience, .CO is the domain for you!
  1. Freebies!
    Whatever venture you’re running, we’re here to power you through it. From great offers and discounts to exclusive invites to networking events, we offer more than just a domain at .CO

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