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Creative entrepreneurs are the ones who set up their own creative business, their first concern being to create intellectual capital. To be successful and make their mark, they have to shape their own path in the industry, bring their personal unique value proposition and turn their creativity into a thriving business.

The difference between an entrepreneur and a creative entrepreneur is in the creative aspect of what they do and what they have to offer. For example, an entrepreneur could be someone who owns an organic mushroom farming start up, whereas a creative entrepreneur could be someone who creates their own production company starting simply with their skills as a cartoonist.

Artists and Inventors, by default, are creative entrepreneurs, If you are an aspiring creative entrepreneur, the following are the lessons that will be a part of your journey –

  • Accept your ideas

In your creative entrepreneurial journey, learn to not brush your ideas off too soon but work on them. You never know which idea would lead to a eureka moment!

  • Collaborate

Two minds are better than one. Creating a team-driven culture helps bring productivity to your business. Brainstorming concepts together will ultimately lead to one refined idea.

  • Take risks often

To be successful in the creative industry, you need to take calculated but smaller risks. Frequently taken risks teach you newer skills, boost creativity and eventually kill the fear of failure in you. Remember, the biggest wins are the result of your continuous trials and errors.

  • Choose your network wisely

Creative hustlers need to network smart. They need to keep the basic ‘quality over quantity’ recipe in mind because eventually, people you hang out with influence the way you think. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time and with the right crowd.

  • Hustle to be productive

Learn that hustling and being busy are two very different things. When you’re busy, you don’t notice the hours passing by but when you’re hustling, you are focused on achieving goals. Sure, being busy might be considered fashionable but are you really working towards what truly matters?

Today, take a step back and see if you are putting your best creative foot forward. Remember to invest in yourself, be original in your thinking and keep exploring to become the most creative entrepreneur in the business

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