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Have you ever taken a moment and thought why we at .CO love you so much? Yes, you, the most daring among the millions who understood your passion, risked your steady career for it and are today successful startup owners or have already kicked off that journey towards becoming one.

The world should celebrate your journey, because you had the power to add wings to your dreams, find investors for your idea and jump into the world of uncertainty. You are the heroes who are creating new jobs, products, fueling dreams and bringing innovative disruptions to the industry. And while we love your zeal to race to the finish line, like an honest and supporting partner, we are also with you in this journey, cheering you on to make it big in this world of increasing competition and developing opportunities.

Entrepreneurs, risk takers, innovators, visionaries and dreamers, all love us as much as we do, and there are reasons why. Want to know?

While Google treats all new domain extensions the same, .CO helps you improve your brandability, allowing for more relevant and concise domain name options to boost your presence in the digital world.

Global ambitions? The world is in your reach. So what if you are launching a retail store on a corner in India or somewhere close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, your chances of getting your preferred domain name on a global domain extension are higher. Even ardent readers hate long sentences. Time is short and your audience will fall in love with your brand and services when you keep your messages short and sweet.

And lastly, we know what something extra means to you. We care for you and want you to enjoy all our freebies, offers, discounts and perks every time you join hands with us. That’s why we give away free stuff, with no-strings attached, check out our offers.

Lastly, reiterating it one more time – .CO loves start-ups.

















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