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Nature is Healing. Let’s keep it that way

The earth is what we all have in common. Can we preserve it together?

The answer is yes, only if we try a little harder. While we have spare time, now is the perfect opportunity to embrace the one thing we have in bountiful supply – NATURE. This is the biggest source of energy and we take it for granted, but are we making the most of it and the benefits it provides?

Conserving nature is easier than we think. It is all about simple choices and moving towards a responsible lifestyle. With the world population closing down to almost 10 billion people, imagine the impact if every single one of us makes smarter choices to build a future with nature as our strongest ally.

The advent of COVID-19 is making the human race experience some unprecedented, challenging times that history has never witnessed before. While we have a lot at stake, the silver lining is the time it has given nature to heal.

The significant reduction in the use of fossil fuels, the return of our wildlife who have struggled for years are all indications of the fact that we can coexist. All we need is to keep a check on our actions and be mindful of our intentions.

Is this the stage for a new future? It relies on how you and I act upon these learnings and implement them in our daily lives and in the products we purchase, the lifestyles we choose, and the businesses we work for.  Let’s assemble together to create a world that believes in sustainable living and future thinking. Let’s Go Green together!

Here are a few businesses that have already started working towards building a sustainable future.

  • SolarKiosk A Berlin-based social enterprise, SolarKiosk has been doing a phenomenal job in powering rural communities through renewable alternatives and giving them ways to access sustainable energy.
  • EcoRight –  A startup based out of Ahmedabad, India, has been producing eco-friendly bags with an emphasis to encourage customers to curb the usage of single-use plastics.
  • Choose EnergyThe Texas-based startup, Choose Energy was founded in 2008 a supplier and marketplace for clean technology and services. It encourages people to switch to sustainable living by powering lives with the use of 100% greener alternatives like wind power.
  • GEM Enviro ManagementFounded in 2013, Delhi based ‘GEM Enviro Management’ collects consumer packaging waste and recycles them to products such as T-shirts, caps, and bags. These products are later sold under their brand – Being Responsible.
  • AquaSpy: The Australian startup provides a soil monitoring system that measures moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity. It alerts farmers specifically where to apply fertilizers and improve crop yields by 40%.

It’s up to you to join the Green Revolution.Your contribution will go a long way in saving mankind.

If you have a business idea in mind that can impact our future, get your .CO domain and start making a difference. Who knows, you might get featured in our next blog post about startups for the environment. Know more – www.go.co

Source: https://yourstory.com/socialstory/2019/10/eco-friendly-startups-workplace-green




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