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When it comes to global real estate and the ever-volatile property markets, you could say Nikki Greenberg knows her stuff. She established her career in architecture by working with Lendlease and Koichi Takada Architects in Sydney, Australia. She then went on to become the head of marketing for a Global Fortune-500 real estate developer before moving to New York in 2017 to work with Terra Holdings as Director of Innovation. Today she is Head of Technology Strategy at QIC Global Real Estate in Sydney, Australia.

But working for renowned firms and Fortune 500s was not enough to feed her passion for the industry, and empowering women worldwide. In 2018 Greenberg founded Women in PropTech for professionals interested in innovation and the future of real estate; it addresses diversity issues by connecting brilliant women be they investors or entrepreneurs. The leading global organization is dedicated to fostering greater collaboration in the real estate industry through promoting diversity and furthering technology adoption.

Through its membership platform, events, reports and workshops, Greenberg’s venture promotes women in the male-dominated arena of real estate through its’ headquarters in New York and global virtual community. 

Greenberg always had big plans to expand to other major real estate hubs nationally and internationally. This is why its virtual membership is so critical to her goal, as it offers women around the world access to Women in PropTech webinars, exclusive content, executive interviews and newsletters. It also gives members the opportunity to become a virtual ambassador, and further spread the organization’s mission to promote thought leadership, no matter their city.

For Greenberg, launching the organization became a reality when she launched its website, WomenInProptech.Co. She opted for the .Co domain for a reason: “.Co is quite sophisticated and I used .co for my subsequent website domains,” says the serial entrepreneur and community activist. In addition to operating as a global hub for connections, Greenberg says her organization lives by the following pillars which can guide any entrepreneur on their journey:

Showcase: “We provide a platform to highlight the women that are changing the future of real estate.”

Inspire: “We inspire professionals and demonstrate how they can influence the future of our built environment through technology.”

Connect: “We are a global conduit to facilitate meaningful connections between individuals in real estate, technology and capital.”

Educate: “We educate professionals on the changing real estate landscape and the opportunities it provides.”

Inspire: “We inspire professionals and demonstrate how they can influence the future of our built environment through technology.”

Sustain: “We are devoted to working towards creating a sustainable industry for the betterment of all citizens of our planet. Make a positive contribution to the future of our planet.”

Greenberg takes this “we” approach to all facets of her life, beyond real estate. She is also devoted to not-for-profit and charitable endeavors and currently serves as co-chair of ULI New York’s Technology and Innovation Council. In 2005 she worked in Thailand rebuilding villages affected by the South East Asian Tsunami. She now resides in Sydney Australia, and continues to impact the industry for women on a global scale.

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