Startup CEO New Years Resolution: Five Things I’ll Stop Doing Next Year - GO.CO Blog

1. I’m going to stop waiting till next year.  I’m not waiting till next week, next month, next year.  The next time I look at an item on my to-do list for the 2nd or 3rd time, instead of putting it off again for another indefinite future execution date that I won’t meet, I’m taking it off my list or getting it done now.  If every time I come to this to-do item, I push it back, it’s either not important so I’ll drop it or I’m avoiding it for the wrong reason’s and I’m going to stop avoiding it.

2. I’m going to stop doing other people’s jobs.  I’m going to hang a posted note in front of my desk that says, “Who’s job are you doing now?” If the answer isn’t my job, I’m going to start delegating or if I did delegate I’ll find someone who can do that job while I make the person who’s keeping me away from my family available to industry.

3. I’m going to stop losing dollars while saving pennies.  I’m going to stop doing the low value jobs that I can outsource to competent lower paid resources.  I’m going to recognize that at my hourly rate I shouldn’t be doing QuickBooks data entry or spending 4 hours a week managing my schedule.  I’m going to use my new found time to add extraordinary value to my business.

4. I’m going to stop pretending that I am willing to do the ugly sales stuff.  I’m going to find a way to get someone on my team who is 100% responsible for revenue attainment.  Because I won’t fire myself if I don’t meet my revenue goals and therefore I will avoid the difficult stuff like making cold calls. I want someone as worried about my revenue as they are about keeping their job.

5. I’m going to stop spending all my time in the business and dedicate 10 – 20% of my time to working on the business. Daily fires keep me chasing my tail.  Business executives who don’t dedicate time to analyze, plan, set goals, monitor results and seek outside opinions rarely meet the goals they haven’t set.  People sail a boat differently when going out for a pleasure cruise with no destination than when in a race.  Is your business a pleasure cruise or a race?

What will you resolve not to do in the new year?

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