Let's Give a Warm Welcome to Jasmine Begg, our Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA - GO.CO Blog

I’m thrilled to welcome Jasmine Begg to our global team as our Director of Sales and Marketing, EMEA. With more than four years of experience at the leading domain name registrar InterNetX GmbH where she served as Team Leader of International Business, Jasmine was responsible for company presence at and sponsorship of international trade conferences, marketing budget compilation and event management. Jasmine previously worked at IBM as a Networking Sales Specialist handling the sales of networking services and hardware for Germany.

I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to work with Jasmine to help position .CO as a leading online brand and the domain name of choice for startups, small businesses and new and established brands in the European market. It’s fantastic that Jasmine speaks more than four languages including German, Bengali, Spanish and English — because it will undoubtedly help in spreading the .CO message worldwide!

Jasmine combines her recent experience in international expansion with her past experience in a number of areas including sales and international market analysis. She is a graduate of the University of Passau (Germany) with a Master’s Degree in International Cultural and Business Studies. Jasmine loves traveling — which is a great thing considering she’ll be visiting our partners and new startups all over Europe! And in case you were wondering, her favorite colors are black and red but she’s recently admitted orange is quickly making its way to the top spot.

Welcome, Jasmine!

Jasmine Begg