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From 100% certified cotton to low-impact dyes all ethically and sustainably made in Los Angeles, has an endless array of qualities that make it a beloved clothing company. But more charming than its swirly prints is the founding team behind the brand. Mother-and-daughter duo Jenny Drew Garabedian and her mother, Elkin, launched the company in 2019 as a passion project, and a way to bridge their love for design and entrepreneurship.

When Elkin was pregnant with Jenny Drew she started a baby clothing with her best friend. As an adult, Jenny Drew wanted to recreate history and do the same, but this time with a deeper mission that is powered by giving back to the planet and to babies in need.

“I had to stop talking and start doing, and I did just that,” says Jenny Drew, “and a year later we launched the business.” They began designing and creating cozy loungewear made from organic cotton, then built a .co website as an e-commerce and community hub. “I feel like I have been seeing a lot of .co websites around and I really resonated with it,” says Jenny Drew. She adds that .co “felt new and fresh,” just like its clothing.

Today, Elkin and Jenny Drew are working side by side to tell a story that is bigger than stylish kids’ clothes.

Here cofounder and CEO Jenny Drew Garabedian explains what it’s like to launch a clothing company with her mom, how they aim to empower moms and caregivers around the world, and her advice to other entrepreneurs.

Tell us more about your mom’s clothing company that she ran years ago. What was it like and how did she start it?

My mom started a clothing company with one of her best friends when she was pregnant with me called Duncan and Daisy (named after her best friend’s two kiddos). It really started as a passion project since they were starting to have babies running around and they wanted them to have the cutest outfits. Every item was made out of scrap fabric that they found from local markets across Los Angeles and each piece was a one of a kind sample design. They had the sweetest little pop ups at birthday parties, baby showers, and other special events. Once I was born, it was too difficult to maintain the business, but we always laugh that I must have learned a lot while I was in her stomach since I ended up starting a baby clothing brand about 20 years later.

She’s a true serial entrepreneur and family business owner. What kind of business lessons has she passed on to you?

My mom taught me about paying attention to detail and how adding extra care goes a long way. That is a huge reason why all of our orders come carefully curated and packed with a handwritten thank you note, tied in hemp string, and other special elements that show the beauty of the brand and all the love we put into it. She also taught me how important it is to be positive, work hard, and always trust your gut.

You mention on your website that’s goal is to create a community that welcomes everyone. What does that mean?

This means that we are here for moms to be, current moms, grandparents, dads, everyone. It means that we are more than clothes. This also echoes our giveback model and why “wear, grow, give” is so important to us. You may be experiencing a difficult time in your life (Covid was that for all of us) and that is why donating our clothes to babies in need is such an essential part of our mission. We also decided to create adult pieces because so many parents were reaching out to us that they wanted to match with their lil’ ones. Plus, it meant that we could cater to a larger community, again, touching on that whole idea of welcoming everyone no matter what stage of life you are in. Adding adult pieces into the mix has been essential to our growth.

How did you come up with your bestselling “lil’ sweat set”?

I actually came up with the idea while I was showering! After talking to a lot of parents, they mentioned how annoying snaps can be. I have always had a very simple and cozy style. As I was just sitting in the shower (it is the one place my mind just wanders and I come up with all my best ideas) I was thinking about the business, and our new collection, along with pieces that I love to wear. Right then and there, I realized we had to do the “lil’ sweat set.” That same day I ran to my pattern maker to make a vintage inspired, simple, sweat set. It was the style that got us on the map!

Tell us about your latest collaboration (ATB x MG) and how it fits into the ATB mission.

We have done many collaborations with Madder Goods. We love working with artisan Savannah Wulfenstein! Initially, our partnerships started with her because we would have some slightly dye-damaged pieces that we didn’t want to waste, so she would naturally tie-dye them. Every time we would do a collaboration they would sell out quickly because each piece we offered was dependent on what was damaged. After a lot of requests for a proper drop with Madder Goods, we thoughtfully curated the collection in two special hues. We offer our best selling adult and baby sweats, along with our pointelle cozies, and our classic baby tee. Each piece was dyed using avocado and acorn. This collaboration is all about connecting to nature, honoring our sustainable mission, and listening to our community. Plus, we love working with local artisans and honoring beautiful, hand made works of art.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Fail early, and keep grinding, keep trusting your gut always. Try to work as long and as hard as you can without paying for things that might not work.

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