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Millions of dollars. Millions of eyeballs. Millions of impressions. Millions of conversations. Millions of potential customers… It would be impossible for any marketer not to get weak in the knees at the prospect of being in the center of it all – with a 30 second spot on the largest advertising stage – the Super Bowl!

For the third year in a row, we have teamed up with Go Daddy, the world’s leading domain name retailer, to create a Super Bowl ad intended to inspire people to launch their big ideas on a .CO domain from Go Daddy.  This year’s 30-second Super Bowl spot, called YourBigIdea.CO, is officially my favorite of our three ads.  And at the risk of sounding immodest… I have to say… I just love it! Check it out here.

The moral of the story – if you’ve got a big idea, stop talking about it, get your butt off your couch, and get your idea online!  Because if you don’t – someone else surely will!

As a startup, we at .CO live this every day, and we think this ad brings the concept of our Startup Weekend friend’s “No talk, all action” tagline to the masses in a way that is funny and approachable. I mean… come on… who wouldn’t love their very own Sky Waitress?

YourBigIdea.CO has been getting some great reviews from the press, and has also been seen almost 200,000 times since it was released just a few days ago!  Given the level of interest there is around the Super Bowl, it’s exciting to get our ad in front of consumers in advance of the big game – building buzz for the spot and to help generate greater awareness of the .CO brand.

In addition to releasing the ad early, we launched a website and integrated social campaign tied to the ad, which can be found at www.YourBigIdea.co. Here, visitors can type their own big ideas into a search bar, and see if their desired .CO domain name is available – while at the same time getting an inspiring glimpse of their own filthy-rich future.  For each available .CO domain, the user’s idea (in form of a .CO URL of course!) is auto-magically emblazoned on all sorts of “over-the-top” glamorous images, which people can share with their friends and followers on social networks using the hashtag #YourBigIdea.

Our hope is that this campaign will appeal to the growing segment of people who will be communicating and sharing via Twitter and Facebook while watching the big game. Most of all, it’s exciting to be able to supplement the game-viewing with a fun, engaging and memorable domain search experience — and to get people excited about just how fabulous the future really could be if they would just take action on their big ideas!

Well… what are you still doing reading this blog post?  Go on! Am-scray!  Get over to www.YourBigIdea.co and take action on your big idea – before somebody else does!

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