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Taco Bell has always thought “outside the bun,” from making #FourthMeal a household term to deep-frying Captain Crunch cereal and filling it with icing – you can always count on Taco Bell to disrupt the status quo. So, when Taco Bell decided to launch a brand new website and “virtual flagship restaurant,” we think it makes all the sense in the world that they decided to go .CO.

Ta.co is “the new way to Taco Bell.” The site enables consumers to fully customize their online ordering experience. Like your nachos extra spicy? Then go ahead and add jalapeños to your heart’s content. Want bacon on that burrito? Taco Bell won’t judge.

The site also features a publishing feed featuring content created by the brand and various collaborators. One such story features Taco “belle” Olivia Mears, a costume designer who makes dresses out of Taco Bell wrappers.

Taco Bell CEO, Brian Niccol, and Vice President of Digital, Tressie Lieberman say that the ta.co team is deeply influenced by startup culture in their approach to business— and is inspired by companies such as Uber who are focusing on mobile ease-of-use and the on-demand economy.

.CO is undeniably the domain of choice for the startups, innovators, risk-takers and rule breakers of the world who are bringing big ideas to life. As preachers of the startup gospel ourselves, we loved learning that ta.co was inspired by the life-changing power of #startuplife!

A very famous taco company once said: “Have Fun. Eat Tacos. Live Mas.” We couldn’t agree more.

Welcome to our .COmmunity ta.co. Salud!


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