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The .CO team is thrilled to welcome the newest addition to the .COmmunity: the Chinese event company Startup Salad!

Every month Startup Salad hosts weekend long hackathons where designers, developers, and entrepreneurs come together to build the next big thing.

The official partnership was announced during a VIP Party hosted by the Big Salad Conference in April that included special guests 500 Startups’ Geeks On a Plane in Shenzhen, China.

As part of the partnership, Startup Salad is upgrading their domain from to .CO is providing Startup Salad participants with their own .CO domain and .CO-ers with complimentary access to Startup Salad events.

Startup Salad is transforming cities such as Shenzhen into energetic hubs for innovation. Startup Salad does this by connecting ambitious entrepreneurs with their peers—as well as investors and prominent figures within the Chinese tech scene.

500 Startups founder—longtime friend and partner of .CO—Dave McClure was in the audience for the announcement, visiting Startup Salad as part of 500 Startups’ Geeks on a Plane tour. McClure and share the same vision of working toward growing the Chinese startup community and they recently launched their Chinese web presence on

McClure said “I first heard about .CO five years ago. It is short and easy to remember; perfect for startups.” McClure also stated that he thought this year’s Startup Salad events would promote some cross-border startups, noting that a vast Chinese market with such a large population is full of opportunity.

Although the partnership has only now become official, we’ve had the privilege of working with Startup Salad for several months. As a company with international roots ourselves—and a longtime supporter of startups everywhere—we love seeing startup communities flourish in cities around the world.

We admire Startup Salad’s passionate commitment to growing China’s startup scene, and look forward to continue working together on many more projects!

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