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There’s no doubt that female entrepreneurs can experience some unique challenges. Whether they’re struggling to establish credibility in a male-dominated field or simply aiming to be recognized for their valuable perspective, women can receive a lot of pushback as they blaze new trails in the business world.

Fortunately, times are changing. More than any other time in history, women are rising to the top, breaking glass ceilings, and making their own dreams of entrepreneurial success come true. In the process, they’re not only setting a great example, they’re also making it easier for aspiring female entrepreneurs everywhere to connect and thrive.

To help you further raise your game as a female entrepreneur, we’ve compiled some of the best resources out there. They’ll give you motivation, business help, and connect you with other women like you who are running the show.


Women Entrepreneurs

The female-focused section of Entrepreneur magazine, Women Entrepreneurs features relevant articles posted on its parent site, as well as commissioning its own content. You can expect reliably top-notch, in-depth profile pieces, business success stories, and advice columns geared toward women.

Women 2.0

With a mission to increase the number of female startup founders, Women 2.0 publishes daily content aimed at women in technology. Articles run the gamut from inspirational to educational. Come here if you’re looking to break into the tech industry and want advice and support. It also has an events calendar if you’re searching for networking opportunities.

Glambition Radio

Ali Brown’s podcasts are a goldmine of small business wisdom for aspiring and established female entrepreneurs. You can find to a new podcast every two weeks. Alternatively, you can dig deep into the website’s archives for a range of quality content, including interviews with well-known entrepreneurs and authors.

Lioness Magazine

This digital magazine was founded almost 10 years ago, when content for female entrepreneurs wasn’t readily available. Today, Lioness Magazine publishes 12 online editions per year that cover a range of topics. It’s an incredible resource for the latest news and resources that female entrepreneurs need to start and grow their businesses. 


Female Founders Fund

An early-stage fund that invests in businesses led by women, Female Founders Fund focuses on technology companies. If you’re a talented female entrepreneur with an innovative tech company specializing in web-based products, services, e-commerce and platforms, then this is a great place to start looking for funding.

Golden Seeds

Another early-stage investment firm, New York-based Golden Seeds focuses on funding women-led businesses. It boasts a nationwide network of more than 275 angel investors, one of the largest in the U.S. In 2017, the firm exceeded $100 million in total investments in women-led companies—a substantial milestone for any angel investment group.

Springboard Enterprises

A women-focused venture capital firm, Springboard is a resource hub of investors and influencers who are committed to supporting women-led companies expand and develop. Springboard has assisted more than 600 women-led high-growth technology companies to raise $7.4 billion in capital. Its annual program provides a range of in-person events and community resources to ensure business owners are successful.


In the last quarter of every year, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) hosts the InnovateHER Challenge. Specifically for women-led businesses, this annual competition challenges entrepreneurs to make their pitch during local events at universities, accelerators, and community centers. Entrepreneurs who are picked as winners move on to semifinals. Ten finalists compete in Washington D.C. for a share of $70,000 in prize money.


Ladies Who Launch

This website started as a simple blog to provide female entrepreneurs with advice and inspiration as they grew into powerhouses on their business journeys. Over the years, it has grown into a network of almost 100,000 women who participate in and host live events and business workshops. And, it’s still a great place for business resources, from marketing and business plan templates to practical advice.

The Boss Network

A community of like-minded female entrepreneurs, The Boss Network holds regular monthly workshops for its members. In addition to in-person events, it also offers online networking opportunities and a business directory where you can list your company. The website features a “Boss Blog” to provide strategies and advice to women looking to make their businesses successful.

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN)

DWEN holds a summit in a new city every year to unite women business owners around the world. Connecting women who might not otherwise have a chance to meet, it helps them build extensive global networks, increase their knowledge, widen their horizons, and improve their access to capital in unprecedented ways. As a result, women can increasingly take part in the global economy.

National Organizations 


SCORE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping all entrepreneurs launch their businesses and thrive through mentoring, education, and community outreach. They also have a wonderful resource section geared toward women, which features success stories about female entrepreneurs and being a woman in the business world.

American Business Women’s Association (ABWA)

With a mission to bring together business women of diverse occupations and backgrounds, the ABWA is one of the top U.S. organizations dedicated to promoting women in business. It provides a wide range of resources aimed at helping women everywhere develop professionally, build leadership skills, and grow their network. Local events are a great place to meet peers and swap business insights and inspirational stories.

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

NAWBO is a large and high profile organization for female entrepreneurs. The only dues-based organization in the U.S. for female entrepreneurs it boasts a staggering 9 million members. Just like ABWA, it offers a range of robust resources for members like local networking and educational events. Special resources are available to members-only, including online forums, an informative weekly newsletter, a business directory, and a library of articles.

National Women’s Business Council (NWBC)

As a nonpartisan federal advisory council, the NWBC is focused on promoting the best interests of female entrepreneurs. Not only does it advocate in government, it also publishes research and holds events online and at its Washington D.C. headquarters. It’s an excellent place for discovering interesting fact sheets, reports, and research on the topic of female entrepreneurship.

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