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Promoting your business with custom made stickers is a creative way to engage your audience. If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you’ll have seen companies with everything from flyers to business cards. However, few businesses are picking up on a very effective promotion trend. Stickers.

Why stickers?

Stickers are fun. That’s the first reason. When people visit your store, or come to see you at networking events, first impressions are important. With a range of stick-on materials whether it’s your logo or some cool quotes that represent the message your brand wants to sell, you’re telling prospective clients that you’re fun and easy to work with. They’re key conversation starters, a good spine to marketing good products in person.

How to use them

How you use them is entirely up to you. But sticking them to your own products is a great place to start. Stick your logo on your computer, if you have a Mac, stick it over the Apple logo. The ways you can use them are endless, perhaps offering bumper-stickers if you want customers to do the marketing for you or using them for loyalty cards. Take them with you everywhere you go, hand them out to people you pass in the street, or when you walk your dog. Stickers are just like business cards but more fun!

1.) Affordability

The next pro to using stickers for promoting your business is that they’re cheaper than other means. More often than not business cards are expensive and while it’s important to have them, it’s an expense to print them out in the thousands. Printing thousands of sticker logos and fun quotes is less expensive and people are more likely to accept them.

2.) Call to action

Using a sticker as a call to action is another way to promote your business effectively. Printing things like “10% off” or “Buy One Get One Free” can be an incredible way to do business and it’s utilised by large companies like Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Primark and many more. Using stickers as a reward for buying something is always a good option too, let’s say a customer comes into your t-shirt printing shop and orders 20 t-shirts to be printed. Giving them, five stickers makes them feel rewarded and makes your logo likely to go further. They won’t need five, so they’ll likely give the other four to people they think might be interested in your services.

3.) Information

Although labels are better for information, to a certain degree, stickers can also provide a similar purpose. I’ve already mentioned you can use your logo on a sticker. Depending on the shape and size, you could also include things like your website, a telephone number or even your company slogan. This provides a certain level of information potential customers may want in case they’re going to look for more information online. By utilising this kind of promotion or marketing material, you’re opening your business up to a world of positivity.

4.) Complimentary promotion materials

Using stickers as a complimentary marketing tool with others is a sure fire way to gain interest in your products. Ideas like using them with flyers or leaflets, business cards, information packs and test products are just a few. You can really engage with your audience using them. Because they’re low-cost and the chances of returning customers are heightened, they are worth the initial cost.
The best part is that they’re great long-term, you might order 20,000 stickers and only use 5,000 in the first few months. However, if you choose the right designs you can re-use them for campaigns down the line. You often can’t find this with flyers and leaflets. The information in these resources tend to become outdated anytime you make a change to your business. Your logo will almost always remain the same, unless of course you decide to re-brand.

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