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Personal branding has become your ticket to success in today’s world. Showcasing the qualities that make you a leader, building your online network, highlighting your experience, jobs, projects and passions. The list of traits can go on and it’s almost impossible to remember every little detail. When asked what makes you tick, make sure you’ve done your homework. Yes, we’re talking about self-reflection but in the best possible way. The way that allows you to tell your story, the way you want it to be told, by branding yourself.

You’re going to want to take control of the conversation by making sure people find your story. All this introspective work needs to be showcased in an online portfolio. Don’t trust your next interviewer to Google search your name, or a potential customer or investor to do some online research only to start scrolling through Instagram pictures of your last Happy Hour gathering turned all-night karaoke bar crawl. You need to build your platform, an online site to showcase all your superstar power. Even if all you have is a redirect to your LinkedIn page, it’s a start. The goal is an easy and memorable way to brand yourself online so that you stand out. Being proactive puts you in control of your career development and increases your attractiveness in the marketplace. ​

Building a personal website essentially makes it easier to sell yourself. Although you aren’t a business, you have a variety of qualities and experience that should be acknowledged. Your website is a place where people can ultimately build a relationship and get to know you in just one click. Before getting started, back to that introspective work we discussed. Here are some questions to start….

Questions to Ask Yourself

What are your passions?

When asking yourself this, authenticity is key. What things do you care about? What gets you excited, either at work or during the weekend? What blogs or podcasts do you find yourself spending hours lost in? Emphasizing your passions provides insight into your character and opens up doorways to connect with others that value similar things. People often relate passion to their personal “why,” a deep understanding of why you do what you do and what drives you to do those things.

        How are you different?

This is your value proposition. Use your unique characteristics to your advantage. What makes you different makes you irreplaceable in a sense. Think about things that come easy to you that don’t necessarily for other people. What are you always being commended for? What problems do you easily solve? If you are stuck for answers this is a great opportunity to survey your colleagues, friends and family for feedback!

        What makes you impactful?

When you start to think about this question keep two things in mind: why do you matter and how do you help your customers matter? Think about your past accomplishment and give details about your process and how it has brought success to you. Also, adding what you have done to impact others gives people insight into your values, and the type of leader you are.

When it comes to the design of your website, make it personal. There is a list of other information to think about when developing your personal brand. Add your accomplishments as well as achievements and awards you may have won. Any special recognition you have received also shows others your drive and purpose.

Above all else, be yourself. Your personal website gives people a peek into your personality and people will see through any disingenuous story arcs. Remember, your personal brand is like your personal compass, if it’s not authentic or isn’t really you, it’s doomed to fail from the start.

Define yourself then let your personal brand speak for you.

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