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For Lorenzo Garofano, life coaching is less about hustle culture and more about inner fulfillment. The Switzerland-based entrepreneur originally studied engineering because he was “attracted by the intellectual challenge, and fell in love with the elegant perfection expressed by the laws of mathematics and physics.” 

While working at a tech startup he experienced another calling: “I was attracted by another world, made of people, cultures, and places, with its beautiful imperfections, which held so much to be discovered.”

Unsurprisingly, a love for the humanities came naturally for the Italian-born founder of Life Full. He grew up in Napoli, a city rich in history, culture, and arts. He then pursued an MBA at INSEAD, a nonprofit business school, then traveled throughout Europe and Asia before settling in Zurich. 

But MBA and engineering aside, he still felt the quest for higher, spiritual learning: “I felt the need for deeper meaning, I started another journey from yoga to meditation, coaching, and spiritual research.” 

His passion for spirituality led him to reassess the purpose of the life coach industry. The MBA grad drew inspiration from one of the best business leaders in the world: Bill Gates. In a TED Talk, the founder of Microsoft famously said “Everyone needs a coach.” Garofano learned coaches aren’t just for those who are struggling but rather those who are seeking elevation in any aspect of life, from executives to athletes and entrepreneurs like himself.

Says Garofano, “it’s our human innate instinct to realize our full potential. A coach will help you define your own growth agenda and reach the clarity and determination to make it happen.” 

Eventually, he had to make his own dreams of entrepreneurship happen. ​​”I thought, why not and why not now?” He went on to launch Life Full, and it all starts with the creation of a simple website: He says he opted for .co because it’s easy to remember, and helps him fulfill his mission to share his story and services as a coach to a global audience.

At Life Full, Garofano hopes to share what he’s learned throughout his journey with others. Whether you want to improve your communication skills, identify your strengths or find your purpose, Garofano’s practice is built on four tenets: 

Purpose. “Learn how to hear your inner voice​ and discover what you really were made for. Find the meaning that makes you tick and explore new avenues to reconnect with your higher calling… “

Balance. “No riches in the world… brings us lasting happiness if we are not able to integrate them in our daily life. By gaining a full understanding of our deeper needs, we create the space to thrive in authentic connection with our inner self.

Change. “Awareness opens the door. Then the difficult – and fun – part begins: step into the uncharted path of change.”

Fulfillment. “What’s your ultimate quest in life? Finding personal fulfillment is a lifelong process of self-exploration. We soon realize that fulfillment is not only about achievement and success. It is something deeper which exacts us to stay true to the core of who we really are.”

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