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At first, Rebecca Scott’s love for a plant-based lifestyle was deeply personal, then blossomed into an entrepreneurial passion that she wanted to share with her community. 

“I have lupus and have learned to manage my condition by converting to a plant-based diet,” says the Bronx-based founder. 

Rebecca previously worked in public health where she helped clients on improving their health outcomes by incorporating whole, plant-based foods into their diets. While working in the industry, Rebecca found herself involved in multiple public health programs, without time to break for a meal. She needed a product that would help her feel fueled and full throughout the day. Instead of turning to junk food snacks in the vending machines, she came to work prepared with her own homemade snacks. 

“My clients and colleagues quickly caught on to my homemade, nutrient-dense confections and wanted to be able to purchase snacks for themselves,” wrote the nutrition advocate. 

From Spicy Cherry & Almonds to Smoky Maple Pecans, Rebecca and her team aims to bring bold tastes as well as organic nutrition to its hometown of The Bronx, NY and beyond. Sustainable , which she launched in the Fall of 2017, now sustains its customers, community and environment with delicious, grab-and-go, 100% plant-based snacks. 

Rebecca turned to a range of resources–from grant programs to in-person skills training–to help turn Sustainable Snacks into a business reality. It all started with her website, which caters to consumers and wholesalers. And thanks to domain platforms like it’s easier than ever for first-time entrepreneurs to launch their own small business websites. 

Rebecca opted for a .CO website for a reason. “I interpret .CO as innovative, start-up minded and tech savvy,” says the founder. 

Proudly based in The Bronx and committed to celebrating and elevating the community, Rebecca makes her snacks at a reduced cost to improve access to nutritious food. She also partners with local schools for nutrition education programs.

Sustainable Snacks also partners with Taste of the Bronx, a subscription box platform that raises awareness and drives revenues to other businesses in the borough, while making high-quality affordable goods for the community. 

Rebecca is also ready to empower fellow Bronx entrepreneurs: “You need more than a good product to build a successful brand. Be sure to take the time to develop your back end business infrastructure prior to launching!”

But as a female founder, Rebecca is most passionate about supporting the next wave of women business owners in New York City. “We are also fortunate to have benefited from resources specifically heard towards women business owners, and we’re committed to sharing this information to support our peers’ paths forward.” 

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