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Don’t know who to root for in the game?

  • The San Francisco 49ers have won the Super Bowl 5 times and appeared in the Playoffs 25 times.
  • The Ravens have won once and appeared in the Playoffs 9 times. They’re generally considered the underdog.

I believe that in all things you should root for the underdog. The pace of society is quickened by a constant change over of the people and ideas in power.

Only underdogs can change the course of history. The big guys benefit from keeping the status quo just as it is.

Examples of great underdogs:

  • David vs Goliath
  • The American Colonies vs Great Britain
  • Linux vs Microsoft (and PHP vs. ASP, which was a really terrible platform which we luckily dethroned)
  • .CO vs .COM

Therefore, if you don’t have any strong allegiances, support the Ravens.