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As you probably know, SEO is a very important topic for us. We believe that not only is it important to get the word out about how SEO-friendly .CO domains are, but we also believe in SEO education and knowledge-share so we can empower webmasters to be their absolute best within the search engines. We’ve written a treasure trove of SEO blog posts spanning a plethora of topics, and we even offer free SEO consultations to our Membership Program members. Since SEO is so dear to our hearts, we love showcasing .COs that have seen great SEO success.

Today, we’d like to share the SEO success story of, an online travel gift card site. Heddi from is a member of our Membership Program who recently claimed the offer for her personalized SEO Consultation. After implementing our custom SEO advice, she experienced significant SEO improvements.

We’d like to share her success story with you!


What type of advice did you receive from the .CO team?

For travel gift card, we received a multitude of advice tips.

These were truly in-depth based on co-reviewing our analytics and learning more about AdWords’ popular keyword aggregation based on our specific target audience needs. For one audience example, we wanted to target more students to fundraise study abroad trips and discovered the most popular questions that students type into search engines. It was interesting to see that people actually type a question versus just a keyword i.e. ‘How do I save for study abroad travels?’ instead of ‘cheap study abroad flights.’

This advice from Gretchen at .CO gave really good insight as to how our target markets really search.

What exact SEO recommendations did you implement?

One of the most prominent recommendations that Gretchen gave us was to embed Yoast within WordPress to generate natural/organic SEO for blog posts we create.

This has resulted in leaps & bounds traction for various travel related phrases in search engines.

We now use Yoast as default and are really conscious about the wording we use within blog posts and related Yoast aggregation. Another was to create a series of ‘how to’ explanations, generating more content for backlinks instead of just promoting the landing page. We found out that using stronger explanations of how to use our unique travel gift card was critical. This really helped us in promoting various examples of how to use, especially with our social activities.

What changes did you experience after implementation?

The results after implementing Gretchen’s recommendations have been astounding and we feel that we’ve nailed the core foundation of our SEO objectives.

As a completely original travel company, our biggest feat was for customers to not only know why we’re different, but also use commonalities with existing travel patterns that people are familiar with, so they see the simple transition approach. We’ve started to bridge this gap and promote quite heavily on our Google Plus account.

Other key content we started using based on Gretchen’s advice enabled us to rank on Page 1 of Google for our key terms which has attracted curiosity from searchers. Not only does this help promote naturally, but it also associates alongside global travel players in the Page 1 Google results.

This is a huge achievement for us in gaining exposure, and connecting potential customers’ brains in order to engage them towards a subconscious alternative from traditional travel planning and booking.

Doing something off-the-wall-different in an industry that has always pushed the same rules required hefty SEO support.

What was like before you implemented the recommendations?

Before we talked with Gretchen, we were following the basics i.e. social activity, keywords embedded into code, back link commenting etc. From this beefed up training with Gretchen, we know we have a long way to go, but were given incredible tools to get ourselves to the next stage. We bought the .CO in the early days of their launch simply because .com demanded $80,000 for their domain which is inactive and extortionately overpriced.

We didn’t realize at the time buying our .CO domain would result in a full support network which still leaves us in awe as to the incredible dedication by the .CO team towards their customers.

Without this blessing in disguise .com vs. .co scenario, we’d absolutely have to pay for an internal or agency SEO expert to get us up and running to teach us the foundation.

Would you recommend launching on or switching to a .CO domain for other companies?

I’d absolutely recommend companies to either switch or add a .CO. Based on cache, you’d gain the benefit of auto predict URL and really knowing you’re not just buying a domain, you’re also getting incredible advice and perks from .CO team.

I don’t know any other domain who’d remotely have thought of this simple, backbone approach. What they have actually created is an infrastructure of team effort on a regular basis with customers and the .CO domain is purely the icing on the cake: an attractive URL to have.


As you can see, experienced significant SEO improvements after implementing the advice received during her SEO consultation. If you want to join Heddi and our other SEO success stories, sign up for our Membership Program today to claim your free SEO Consultation and a slew of other great members-only perks.

Happy SEOing!