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As you probably know, SEO is a very important topic for us. We believe that not only is it important to get the word out about how SEO-friendly .CO domains are, but we also believe in SEO education and knowledge-share so we can empower webmasters to be their absolute best within the search engines. We’ve written a treasure trove of SEO blog posts spanning a plethora of topics, and we even offer free SEO consultations to our Membership Program members. Since SEO is so dear to our hearts, we love showcasing .COs that have seen great SEO success.

Today, we’d like to share the SEO success story of, an organization that is helping women start and scale their businesses through training, resources, mentors and valuable connections. Nicole Yeary from is a member of our Membership Program who recently claimed the offer for her VIP treatment at SXSW. We followed up with Nicole after meeting her in Austin to give her custom SEO advice.

We recently spoke with Nicole Yeary of the website about how much being on a .CO has impacted the website’s growth over the last year. Nicole emphasized how important having a .CO domain has been to the website’s SEO success, and how integral it has been to the website’s overall brand appeal. Below I’ll share with you some highlights from our conversation.

How long have you been on a .CO?  We bought our .CO in summer 2013, but didn’t migrate our website over until October 2013.

What is your primary source of traffic?  Google / Organic

In your opinion, what kind of role has being on a .CO domain had in contributing to your SEO success? It’s the biggest part. It’s the road that leads others to our web home. In order to help those looking for us, FIND US, we needed to get a URL as short as possible and close to “Ms.Tech” as possible.

When people ask you what you like about being on a .CO domain, what do you say?  The SEO and the community. From the beginning there were opportunities that made us feel *special!*  And everyone likes to feel special.

By being on a .CO, Nicole was able to:

  • Get the domain with the exact name she wanted
  • Use the domain that is closest to the Ms Tech brand, as well as to the core terms that the website’s users are searching for
  • Fulfill her desire to have the shortest URL possible—for branding, ease of sharing on social media channels, and SEO

As a result, she is ranking high in Google for her core terms, many of which are highly competitive. And, most importantly, organic Google traffic is the website’s #1 source of traffic.

Ms.Tech is just one example of how big of a part being on a .CO website can play in an SEO strategy. For more info on SEO and .CO, be sure to check out our SEO section.

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